Episode 1
Steve Sammartino

“...The Event Sessions shine on issues that need to be discussed honestly without knowing all the answers, but trying to find a path to help us navigate toward them.”

Episode 2
Peter Jones AM

“The Event Sessions provides the opportunity to talk about what’s happening now in the industry and to share my experiences with everyone else”

Episode 3
Chris Richardson

“Much remains uncertain, but The Event Sessions provides a platform to educate businesses how to respond to recovery and embrace technology.”

Episode 4
Hatem Saleh

“This series reinforces that you're not alone and we've all felt the weight of this crisis. We need to share positive stories and advice so that we can begin to rebuild.”

Episode 5
Anne Jamieson

“The Event Sessions focus on the importance of the events industry, as well as the impact COVID is having on all businesses attached to the events industry.”

Episode 6

“It offers real insights from people with heavy and honest experiences, ready to arm our industry with inspiration and direction.”