Tactics which can assist small businesses to keep themselves afloat through these unprecedented times
and how to come out stronger on the other side.

Special Guest: Chris Richardson – Partner, FINDEX Group

Chris is a Partner in the Business Advisory Division at Findex, advising private companies, family-owned businesses in all aspects of growing and managing their businesses.

Chris has thorough knowledge of the unique characteristics and issues affecting private and family groups with extensive experience in business and strategic planning, risk and corporate governance, succession planning, structuring advice, together with the traditional business advisory services. In short, he works with clients to assist them in achieving sustainable business outcomes, run profitable businesses and manage risk.

“An opportunity to share ideas as to how businesses need to adjust and set up for success in the ‘new normal’ future, requiring flexibility and resilience.”

“Much remains uncertain, but one thing is clear; businesses cannot stand still and continue to operate how they used to. The Event Sessions provides a platform to showcase and educate businesses how to respond to the COVID-19 recovery and embrace technology, ultimately defining its future successes.”

“A great way of sharing ideas from people within industry to reflect, restart and revitalise your business in the ‘new normal’ future.”


URL: www.findex.com.au

LinkedIn: Chris Richardson