Technology, the Future of the Workplace and the irreplaceable need for Human Interaction.

Special Guest: Steve Sammartino – Futurist & Keynote Speaker

Steve was born a nerd and tried to hide it for most of his life. But he actually wrote his first lines of computer code when he was 10 and majored in economics. That’s pretty nerdy. Lucky for him nerd is cool now – and he became Australia’s leading futurist.

As a media commentator he appears weekly on the ABC, 3AW and provides expert commentary on the tech industry for national news on every channel and the Project on Channel 10.

Steve knows industry and spent 15 years in FMCG working at Kraft, Kimberly Clark, CUB, and Proctor & Gamble. He then followed his true passion for technology launching a number of successful startups. He now consults around the world on technology strategy. Last year alone he spoke to over 100,000 people.

He’s written 3 books on the digital revolution which have both been translated into multiple languages. The latest called ‘Think like a Startup’ is a manifesto on how to future proof your life. He’s also done some pretty crazy projects including building a full-size drivable car made entirely out of Lego with 500,000 pieces and an engine which runs on air – and get this – he crowd funded the project on twitter. It was a major viral success with 10 million views on Youtube alone.

His latest projects include a new TV show called Future Sandwich which is best described as a Top Gear for tech which goes to air early next year. And he is also building the world’s most modern house which will be entirely 3D printed and filled with Future tech and is to become the subject of a Netflix documentary.

“It’s a chance to engage in more than a soundbite. To not provide answers but to provide stimulus to thinking – to possible new trajectories and what technology can be the fulcrum to make them a reality. It seems like the Spotlight can shine on issues which need to be discussed honestly – without knowing all the answers. Rather, trying to find a path which can helps us navigate towards them.” 

“Dialogue is what really matters. In the always on world of social media – context can get lost in the written word – its why conversations matter so much. It becomes a game of bouncing ideas, considering, conversing, and reserving the right to change your mind as new information is presented to all of us.”

“It can bring us all out of our digital echo chambers – expose us to different forms of thinking from different disciplines – it’s like multi vitamins for the mind – through other people’s lenses on the world – we can sharpen our own.”


LinkedIn: Steve Sammartino